Custom Tire Painter II™

These products together offer convenience and quality control, combining the
state-of-the-art components in the Custom Tire Painter II™ with the one coat cover of Dripless Tire Paint™ for trouble-free performance.

Custom Tire Painter II™ is an advanced and reliable method for applying Dripless Tire Paint™. The programmable controller provides the operator with the ability to set the switch for large or small tires. The controller will then automatically adjust the cycle time for smaller or larger tire diameters.

This labor-saving tire painter applies an even coating of tire paint to the sidewall, including fluted areas and other hard to paint surfaces, all without painting the tread. There is no waste and mess as associated with manually painting tires. Custom Tire Painter II™ provides excellent cost control by applying the exact amount of Dripless Tire Paint™ required.

The Custom Tire Painter II™ has been refined by over 20 years of field tests and development to provide a completely reliable machine that, with correct care, has been seen to be productive for over 15 years. Some retread shops have reported processing more than one million tires, according to the machine’s built in tire counter.


Specially formulated for spraying in the Fuller Brothers Custom Tire Painter II™ it has been tested by Graco and found to be completely compatible and approved for use with Graco pumps and sprayers. With one coat, Dripless Tire Paint™ will cover chalk and crayon markings, sprays on smoothly, stays in place without dripping and will not wash or rub off when dry.

Dripless Tire Paint™ may be used for brush or mitt applications and is a special Zero VOC Formula.