Omega Vulcanizing System

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OMEGA VULACNIZING system features

◆ Temperature controllers for inside heat pads, outside heat pads and core temperature factory set by computer to avoid error.
◆ Independent power controls for each heat pad.
◆ High visibility amp meters for inner and outer heat pads.
◆ SS relays and breaker switches rated at 30 amps.
◆ Built-in surge protection.
◆ Hi-vis strobe light signals alarm in case of electrical interruption or air pressure failure.
◆ Safety air couplings that eliminate “blow-back” and air-line whip.
◆ Easy to program cure-cycle timer.
◆ RFID technology provides communication between the control panel and smartpad for entire cure cycle.
◆ Omega control panel can be monitired and/or controlled by PC, smartphone or smartpad.
◆ Automatic Air Pressure Regulating System (APRS) – set it and forget it. Maximum
recommended air pressure 28 psi.
◆ Emergency shut-off button.
◆ Electrical cables for power input, as well as to inner and outer heat pads.
◆ Patented amp ramp governs the initial ramp up cycle.
◆ All units are factory tested before shipping.
◆ All units are UL approved, documented and serial numbered.
◆ All units are 240v, single phase.
◆ Power requirements: minimum 30 ampere service or higher.

Omega 2-Port Panel on Stand

Omega 2-Port Panel on Stand

Omega 6-Port Panel on stand

Omega 6-Port Panel on Stand

Omega Valucanizing Tire Repair System being used to repair two tires at once

Capable of Repairing Multiple Tires
– 6 Electrical Ports
– 6 Air Lines


  • Lightweight, approx. 50% lighter than competitive products of similar size and function
  • Extremely flexible allowing the heat pad to conform perfectly to the tire, especially those difficult low-profile shoulder areas. Eliminates ‘bridging’ of the repair area
  • Fast, regulated warm-up times
  • Silicone rubber provides superior heat transfer
  • Foam backing helps to protect the air bag from being in direct contact with the heat pad
  • High-temp nylon cover protects silicone rubber components from cuts or accidental damage from external conditions
Omega Smart Pad Chart


  • Ultra light weight, 80% lighter than competitive products
  • Advanced high strength materials. No rubber bladder
  • Standard valve air inlet
  • Molded air inlet
  • Side mounted air inlet is ideally positioned making it easier to set up the cure
Omega Air Bag Chart


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