Tire Life®: How It Works

When added to the air chamber in any tire, Tire Life® works to improve performance and safety in the following ways:

  • Performance Protection
    • Protects tire liners from degrading and preserves original state
    • Protects wheels / rims against rust scale and pitting
    • Improves air retention by sealing natural liner porosity and vent hole leakage
    • Seals the cracking and blistering of worn inner liners
    • Improves the seal over buffed areas when a proper repair has been installed
    • Reduces heat build up in tires
  • Cost Protection
    • Eliminates the need for rim clean up and painting
    • Improves tire repairability
    • Decreases labor time for tire dismounting
    • Reduces labor time for air checks
  • Safety Protection
    • Excellent leak detector that safely identifies cracks in the rim base
    • Flash point tested to 1500°C and cannot contribute to auto-ignition
    • Non-hazardous and non-toxic